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Oils & Fats International Issue | OFI May 2019

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Our May 2019 issue focuses on shortenings and how they must offer better functionality, as well as replacing partially hydrogenated oils. We also look at how the US soyabean industry has worked to develop new shortenings utilising high oleic soyabean oil.

On the topic of Eastern Europe, we offer a snapshot of the Romania oils and fats industry, an increasingly important producer and exporter of oilseeds strategically located on the Black Sea.

Focusing on Central Asia, we look at how several states in the region are looking to boost oilseed production.

The issue gives an update on the latest news and developments around the world relating to projects and technology.

And we report from the annual Price Outlook Conference (POC) in Malaysia, which focused heavily on rising palm oil demand and combating the negative image the industry faces.

The May issue includes OFI’s regular mix of news, event listings and statistics.

A bonus distribution of this issue will be made at:

Oleofuels 2019, Venice, Italy, 5-6 June

19th European Fat Processors and Renderers Association Congress, La Baule, Brittany, France, 12-15 June 

15th International Rapeseed Congress, Berlin, Germany, 16-19 June

May 2019 highlights

Editor’s Comment

A good deal?


Biofuel News

Biotech News

Transport & Logistics News

Renewable News

Diary of Events



Central Asia

New players in oilseeds


Customising new solutions

A role for high oleic soya

Eastern Europe

Snapshot of Romania

Plant & Technology

Global projects round-up

Commodity trading

Biofuels drive demand growth

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In next months issue:

Biofuels - Focus on USA

Bleaching earths - How lab-scale testing can be useful in looking at process interactions, clay activity and formation of  3-MCPD fatty esters in relation to bleaching 

Middle East - Focus on Iran oils and fats market and ports

Plant & Technology - OFI Annual Plant & Technology Guide and company listings

Bonus circulation

  • 16th Global Oleochem Summit 2019, Dalian, China, 17-19 July 2018