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Oils & Fats International Issue | OFI June 2017

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Our June 2017 issue focuses on bleaching earths, which are essential for the refining of edible oils but pose a disposal and environmental problem. Two features look at possible uses for spent bleaching earths, including as an animal feed ingredient. We also provide a round-up of some of the latest news and developments related to bleaching earth suppliers.

In a feature on margarines and spreads, we examine the use and evolution of emulsifiers in margarine production.

The issue takes a look at why glass is the preferred packaging medium for high oil/fat content foods and what can be done to deal with the problems associated with tamper evident seals in glass packaging.

And we look at palm oil production in West Africa and feature an exclusive profile on DekelOil, a UK-headquartered company focusing on palm oil operations in Côte d’Ivoire.

Our June issue includes our annual listing of plant, equipment and technology suppliers and a wall chart of their activities.

The issue also features our regular usual mix of news, event listings and statistics.
A bonus distribution of this issue will be made at the 14th Oleochem Outlook conference in, Nanjing, China on 12-13 July 2017.

June 2017 highlights

Editor’s Comment

Bad for the heart?


Biofuel News

Biotech News

Transport & Logistics News

Renewable Materials News

Diary of Events


Bleaching earths

Making use of the used

Moving from waste to feed

Round-up of news

Margarine & spreads

Emulsifiers: spreading stability

West Africa

Palm oil from the coast

Plant, equipment & technology

Annual company listings 2017

Wall chart

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In next months issue:

  • Transports/logistics/shipping/storage: Focus on the oils and fats players and their operations at the Port of Liverpool, UK
  • Renewable resources: With regulations turning against the harvesting of squalene from shark liver oil, new plant-based alternatives are on the rise
  • Oilseeds: A look at the canola sector in South Africa
  • Fediol assesses the impact of the phase-out of conventional biofuels on the EU oilseed and agricultural markets
  • Europe: Examining the effects of Europe’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform on the margarine and spreads sector
  • Show review: OFI reports on the latest views and information from OFI India 2017

Bonus circulation

  • 15th Euro Fed Lipid Congress, Uppsala, Sweden, 27-30 August 2017
  • oils+fats Trade Fair, Munich, Germany, 11-15 September 2017
  • Globoil 2017, Mumbai, India, 13-15 September 2017
  • Black Sea Oil Trade, Kiev, Ukraine, 19 September 2017