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Oils & Fats International Issue | November/December 2016

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Our November/December 2016 issue focuses on whether biofuels are a realistic option to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the global shipping industry, which is responsible for the transport of 90% of world trade.

The magazine also looks at the various programmes and partnerships introduced in Brazil to promote sustainability within the soya sector.

And we examine Thailand’s initiatives in the biodiesel and ethanol sector to promote fuel self-reliance.

On the theme of inspection, testing and certification, we report on some of the latest news and developments around the world. We also write on global and regional standards being used within the oils and fats industry to create a unified set of technical rules and best practice that international traders can follow.

From the USA, we focus on how food manufacturers have until 2018 to remove artificial trans fats from their products and give an overview of the US oils and fats market, with the increasing popularity of olive oil among American consumers.

And we preview the second OFI India 2017 conference and exhibition, being held at the Bombay Convention and Exhibition Centre, Mumbai on 7-8 April 2017.

As always, our November/December issue features our regular usual mix of news, event listings and statistics.

Bonus distributions will be made at: 12th Indonesian Palm Oil Conference (IPOC) 2016 & 2017 Price Outlook, 23-25 November, Bali, Indonesia; 14th International Fuels of the Future 2017, 23-24 January 2017, CityCube, Berlin, Germany; and the 5th ICIS Asian Oleochemicals Conference, 11-12 January 2017, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

November/December 2016 highlights:

Editor’s Comment

Deal or no deal?


Biofuel News

Biotech News

Transport & Logistics News

Renewable Materials News

Diary of Events


Transport, shipping & logistics

Biofuel potential for global shipping


Sustainable soya


Thailand aims for fuel self-reliance

Show preview

OFI India 2017 comes to Mumbai

Inspection & testing

Setting a standard

Inspection and testing round-up

US suppliers

All American taste

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In next months issue:

  • Shipping, transport, logistics – Profile of bulk liquid storage & transport leader, Stolt-Nielsen
  • Asia – The role of drone technology on oil palm plantations
  • China – A look at China’s largest food processor and trader, COFCO
  • Coconut/Lauric oils – Palm kernel oil explained
  • Coconut/Lauric oils – Processing of coconut oil for longer shelf life and better heath aspects
  • Plant, Equipment & Technology Focus – Round-up of latest news and developments

Bonus circulation

  • 28th Annual Palm and Lauric Oils Conference & Exhibition: Price Outlook 2017/2018 (POC 2017)
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 6-8 March 2017