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Oils & Fats International Issue | March/April 2016

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Our March/April 2016 issue focuses on olive oil including the extent of olive oil adulteration in Europe; quality, grading and labelling requirements around the world; and a feature on what Europe is doing to tackle the xylella fastidiosa bacterium, which threatens to wipe out olive groves in Italy, Spain and France and could cause significant damage to the region’s valuable olive oil market.

We also look at a new bulk grain terminal opened in Montevideo, Uruguay and its potential for transforming the country’s soyabean export industry.

Our focus on oleochemicals shines a spotlight on tall oil, a by-product of paper production which has important applications in the biochemical industry but which has drawn increasing interest as a biofuel feedstock as a result of changes to EU legislation.

The March/April issue includes the show catalogue for OFI India 2016, a brand new OFI event in Hyderabad featuring an exhibition, business conference, and a technical Smart Short Course.

Our usual mix of news, event listings and statistics are also included in this issue.

March/April 2016 highlights

Editor's Comment: Tackling the problem of childhood obesity


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Renewable Materials News

Diary of Events

Olive oil

The rise of the Italian agromafia?

Xyella fastidiosa – a dangerous game

South America

Grain sailing


Product or waste

OFI India 2016 show catalogue

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