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 Edible Oil Associations

ASAGA – Asociacion Argentina de grasa y Aceites

Brings together experts, professionals, specialists, researchers, institutions and companies in the oils and fats trade from across Argentina.

ABIOVE – Associcae Brasileira das Industrias de Oleos Vegetais

Represents the vegetable oil industries, cooperates with the Brazilian government as regards policies related to this sector, promotes Brazilian products, supports its members, generates statistics and prepares sectorial studies.

Visit: ABIOVE – Associcae Brasileira das Industrias de Oleos Vegetais

ACI – American Cleaning Institute

Represents producers of household, industrial and institutional cleaning products, their ingredients and finished packaging; oleochemical producers; and chemical distributors to the cleaning product industry.

AFAO – American Fats and Oils Association

Works to improve trade relations in the oils and fats industry around the world.

AOCS – American Oil Chemists’ Society

Advances the science and technology of oils, fats, surfactants and related materials, providing current and emerging information, disseminating research results in oils, fats, lipids, proteins, surfactants and related materials through its meetings, publications and web presence.

AOF – Australian Oilseeds Federation

Established in 1970 to represent the common interests of all Australian oilseed industry participants and to promote the development, expansion and improvement of Australian oilseed production.

AOMG – Asean Oleochemical Manufacturers Group

Represents the oleochemical industry and seeks to promote the formation of reliable and responsible production of oleochemicals without prejudicing normal competition between companies and countries.

APAG – European Oleochemicals and Allied Products Group

Provides a forum on statistical, technical, analytical and regulatory matters and other topics of common concern to members.

APC – American Peanut Council

A US organisation that represents all segments of the peanut industry, including growers, shellers, manufacturers, brokers, international companies and more. For more information.

Visit: APC – American Peanut Council

APCC – Asian Pacific and Coconut Community

Promotes, coordinates and harmonises all activities of the coconut industry and aims to improve the socio-economic conditions of all stakeholders of the coconut industry in member countries, particularly small coconut farmers.

APOC – American Palm Oil Council

A trade organisation representing palm oil producers.

ASA – American Soybean Association

Provides a voice for farmers, members and delegates by testifying before Congress, lobbying Congress and the Administration, contacting members and meeting with the media.

CCOA – China Cereals and Oils Association

A national scientific and technical organisation for the cereals and oils industries in China.

CIARA – Argentina Oilseed Industry Commercial Chamber

Protects and promotes the interests of the oilseed processing industry in Argentina.

CMC – Commodity Markets Council

A leading trade association for commodity futures exchanges and their industry counterparts.

COOIT – Central Organisation for Oil Industry and Trade

A national apex body representing the interests of the entire vegetable oil sector in India.

CRA – The Corn Refiners’ Association

CRA represents the corn refining industry of the United States. Corn refiners manufacture sweeteners, ethanol, starch, bioproducts, corn oil and feed products from corn components such as starch, oil, protein and fibre.

Visit: CRA – The Corn Refiners’ Association

EFPRA – European Fat Processors and Renderers Association

Europe’s leading authority on the use, value and bio-security of edible animal fats and meat industry by-products.

Visit: EFPRA – European Fat Processors and Renderers Association

EPOA – European Palm Oil Alliance

Founded to create a platform for palm oil-related issues and discussions. Its goal is to create a balanced and objective view on health and nutritional aspects of palm oil, by providing science-based information, rebalancing the discussion around the health and nutritional facts about palm oil and communicating on industry commitments. EPOA is committed to sustainable palm oil production.

Euro Fed Lipid – European Federation for the Science and Technology of Lipids

A federation of 13 scientific associations concerned with lipids, fats and oils that represents 2,000 individuals and companies. It aims to further lipid science and technology and the cooperation and exchange of ideas between scientists and technologists at European level.

Visit: Euro Fed Lipid – European Federation for the Science and Technology of Lipids

Fedepalma – National Federation of Oil Palm Growers of Colombia

A business and trade organisation for the oil palm agroindustry in Colombia that defends the interests of oil palm growers.

FEDIOL – EC Seed Crushers and Oils Processors Federation

Represents the European Vegetable Oil and Proteinmeal Industry in Europe. Its members purchase and transport seeds and oils, crush oilseeds into crude oils and meals, refine and transform crude oils and fats of vegetable or animal origin, sell oils in bulk and in bottles for the food, feed and energy markets, and meals for the feed market. It represents 85% of the European market and its combined membership comprises more than 150 facilities over Europe.

FEFAC – European Feed Manufacturers Federation
FEFAC – European Feed Manufacturers Federation

FEFAC represents the European Compound Feed Industry and is the only independent spokesman at the level of the European Institutions and FEFAC observer status in CODEX Alimentarius. Its membership consists of 24 national associations in 23 EU member states.

The European compound feed industry employs over 110,000 persons on approximately 4,000 production sites – often in rural areas – which offer few employment opportunities. Farm animals in the EU consume an estimated 470M tonnes/year of feed, of which about 30% is produced by the compound feed manufacturers. Turnover of the European compound feed industry in 2013 is estimated at €55bn.

FOSFA – Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Association

A professional international contract issuing and arbitral body concerned exclusively with the world trade in oilseeds, oils and fats with over 1,000 members in 84 countries. Internationally, 85% of the global trade in oils and fats is traded under FOSFA contracts.

Visit: FOSFA – Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Association

FPRF – Fats and Proteins Research Foundation, Inc

Established in 1962 to serve the rendering and associated industries. The FPRF’s purpose is to provide an institution that will direct and manage a research process, resulting in an enhanced current usage – and the development of new uses – for rendered animal products, thus providing added value to all animal production.

Visit: FPRF – Fats and Proteins Research Foundation, Inc

GAPKI – Indonesian Palm Oil Producers Association
GAPKI – Indonesian Palm Oil Producers Association

Represents the palm oil industry in Indonesia.

GCIRC – Groupe Consultatif International de Recherche Sur le Colza/ International Consultative Group for Research on Rapeseed

Develops scientific and technical research as well as studies and experiments concerning the improvement of rapeseed and its processed products from agronomic, technology and food perspectives. Ensures close links between researchers.

Visit: GCIRC – Groupe Consultatif International de Recherche Sur le Colza/ International Consultative Group for Research on Rapeseed

ICC – International Olive Council

Brings together olive oil and table olive producing and consuming stakeholders.

IFFO – The Marine Ingredients Organisation

IFFO is the international not for profit organisation that represents and promotes the fishmeal, fish oil and wider marine ingredients industry worldwide.  IFFO works to strengthen the global standing of the industry, while ensuring sustainable future supplies worldwide.

With a network of members reaching across 60 countries, its members account for over 50% of world production and 75% of the fishmeal and fish oil traded worldwide. While these products are the core of our industry, recent years have seen a widening to include marine algae cultivation and the production of meal and oil from krill.

Visit: IFFO – The Marine Ingredients Organisation

IOPEPC – Indian Oilseeds and Produce Export Promotion Council

Promotes various oilseeds and oils in India. Its membership includes manufacturer-exports, merchant-exporters, traders, brokers and service providers, such as freight brokers, superintendents, surveyors, commission agents, fumigators etc.

ISA – International Sunflower Association

An international association made up of individual people or legal bodies interested in promoting research and developing sunflower production. It aims to improve international cooperation on the agronomic, breeding, technical and nutritional levels and to ensure close links between research and workers.

Visit: ISA – International Sunflower Association

MOSTA – Malaysian Oil Scientists’ and Oil Technologists’ Association

An association of scientists, technologists and other professionals involved in oils and fats science, technology and commerce in Malaysia.

Visit: MOSTA – Malaysian Oil Scientists’ and Oil Technologists’ Association

MPOA – Malaysian Palm Oil Association

Aims for the long-term profitability and growth of the Malaysian palm oil industry and other plantation crops, including oil palm, rubber, coconut, sugarcane, cocoa, tea, banana and pineapple.

MPOB – Malaysian Palm Oil Board

Malaysia’s government agency, which serves the country’s oil palm industry. It promotes and develops national objectives, policies and priorities for the wellbeing of the Malaysian oil palm industry.

MPOC – Malaysian Palm Oil Council

Promotes the market expansion of Malaysian palm oil and its products by enhancing the image of palm oil and creating better acceptance of palm oil through awareness of various technological and economic advantages, and environmental sustainability.

NIOP – National Institute of Oilseed Processors

An international trade association that promotes the general business welfare of persons, firms and corporations engaged in the buying, selling, processing, shipping, storage and use of vegetable oils and raw materials.

Visit: NIOP – National Institute of Oilseed Processors

NOFOTA – Netherlands Oils, Fats and Oilseeds Trade Association

A Dutch umbrella organisation of companies concerned with the production, consumption and trade of commodities. It draws up standard contracts, which are of international usage, and provides a mechanism for the settlement of disputes by its arbitration institute.

NOPA – National Oilseed Processors Association

Represents oilseed crushers of soyabeans, canola, flaxseed, safflower seed and sunflowerseed. It represents 13 regular member firms engaged in the actual processing of oilseeds and nine associate member firms who are consumers of vegetable oil or oilseed meal, including some refiners and mixed feed manufacturers.

NRA – National Renderers Association

Represents its members’ interests to regulatory and other governmental agencies, promotes the greater use of animal by-products and fosters the opening and expansion of trade between foreign buyers and North American exporters.

Visit: NRA – National Renderers Association

OTAI – Oil Technologists’ Association of India

An international association in the field of oils, fats and allied products and publishers of the quarterly Journal of Lipid Science and Technology.

Visit: OTAI – Oil Technologists’ Association of India

RSPO – Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

Promotes the production and use of sustainable palm oil for people, planet and prosperity.

RTRS – Roundtable on Responsible Soy

Aims to facilitate a global dialogue on soya that is economically viable, socially equitable and environmentally sound; reach consensus among key stakeholders and players linked to the soya industry; act as a forum to develop and promote a standard of sustainability for the production, processing, trading and use of soya; act as an internationally recognised forum for the monitoring of global soya production in terms of sustainability; and mobilise diverse sectors interested in participating in the Round Table process.

Visit: RTRS – Roundtable on Responsible Soy

SACOTA - South African Cereals and Oilseeds Trading Association

SACOTA is an association of trading members operating within South Africa and the SADC region, committed to the promotion of free market principles, sanctity of contracts and ethical trading practises, as well as promoting a free and fair grains trade environment.

Visit: SACOTA - South African Cereals and Oilseeds Trading Association

SBOG – Sociedade Brasileira de Oleos e Gorduras

A civil, non-profit organisation that aims to bring together industry professionals, promoting the dissemination, interaction and exchange of ideas, experiences and information.

SCI – Society of Chemical Industry

An international forum where science meets business on independent, impartial ground. SCI provides the opportunity for sharing information between sectors as diverse as food and agriculture, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, environmental science and safety.

SCOPA – Seed Crushers and Oil Processors Association

The trade association for companies engaged in oilseed extraction and oils/fats processing in the UK

SEA – Solvent Extractors’ Association of India

An Indian association with 875 members, formed in 1963 to help foster the development and growth of the solvent extraction industry in India.


Represents the interests of the Belgian sector of vegetable and animal oils and fats. It welcomes all types of companies, national and international, large, medium and small, from all related sectors, including: transportation, brokerage, trading, checking, fat melting, margarine production, storage and handling, extraction and refining

USB – United Soybean Board

Administers soyabean check-off activities focusing on research and market development and expansion.

Visit: USB – United Soybean Board

USCA – US Canola Association

A non-profit commodity organisation whose mission is to increase domestic canola production to meet a growing demand for healthy oil. It promotes the establishment and maintenance of conditions favourable to growing, marketing, processing and using US canola.

Visit: USCA – US Canola Association

WRO – World Renderers Organisation

The WRO represents the rendering industry worldwide, serving as an exchange platform for education and information among its members and with like-minded associations around the world. The WRO represents its members in international government and world organisation forums, debating topics such as food production, animal and human health, and the environment.

YABITED – Oil Science and Technology Association

Established in 2009, YABITED is a Turkish association consisting of academics, scientists and officials in the vegetable oil industry. It raises awareness of edible oils and fats, and encourages and supports research on fatty foods.

 Biofuels Associations

EBB – European Biodiesel Board

A non-profit organisation that promotes the use of biodiesel in the European Union (EU) and groups major EU biodiesel producers.

ePURE – European Renewable Ethanol Industry Association

Represents the European renewable ethanol industry at EU level and promotes renewable ethanol in Europe through the formation of policies and laws that benefits both industry and society.

NBB – National Biodiesel Board

The national trade association representing the biodiesel industry in the USA.

RFA – Renewable Fuels Association

Promotes federal, state and local government policies, programmes and initiatives that encourage expanded ethanol use; provides technically accurate and timely information to auto manufacturers and technicians, the media, policy makers, marketers and refiners, and the general public; participates in educational activities to increase public awareness regarding renewable fuels and the positive contribution they make to American energy independent, the economy and the environment; and provides RFA members with the information necessary for informed business decisions.

 Biotech Associations


An independent, non-profit biotechnology stakeholders association. Its key role is to provide accurate information and awareness, understanding as well as knowledge on biotechnology and biosafety in South Africa and the African region.


The Italian Association for the Development of Biotechnology, representing more than 120 companies and science & technology parks operating in Italy and involved in various biotech-related fields – pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, agro-food, fine chemicals, environment, processing industry and equipment.

Association of Biotechnology Led Enterprises

A not-for-profit national forum that represents the Indian Biotechnology Sector


Australia’s industry organisation that works on behalf of members to provide representation and services to promote the global growth of Australian biotechnology.

Belgian Plant Biotechnology Association

A not-for-profit association that aims to support progress in plant biotechnology.

BIO Deutschland

Germany’s biotechnology sector representative at the European association, EuropaBio, in Brussels. Works closely with other biotech organisations in Europe and the USA in order to lobby for the interests of the sector in an internationally coordinated way.

Visit: BIO Deutschland

BioIndustry Association

The trade association for enterprises involved in UK bioscience. Members include start-ups, emerging and more established bioscience companies, pharmaceutical companies, academic, research and philanthropic organisations, and service providers to the bioscience sector.


The national industry association with nearly 250 members located nationwide.

Biotechnology Industry Organization

The world’s largest trade association representing biotechnology companies, academic institutions, state biotechnology centres and related organisations across the USA and in more than 30 countries. BIO members are involved in the research and development of healthcare, agricultural, industrial and environmental biotechnology products.


The European Association for Bioindustries created in 1996, composed of members that represent over 1,800 small and medium-sized biotech companies. Members are involved in research, development, testing, manufacturing and commercialisation of biotechnology products and processes.

Foro Argentino de Biotecnologia

A private, non-profit organisation that brings together businesses, institutions and specialists related to biotechnology in Argentina.

German Association of Biotechnology Industries

Germany’s trade association for industrial biotechnology, representing 200 large, medium-sized and small member companies engaged in research, development and production of pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, agro-biotech products, enzymes, food additives and more.


The association for the Dutch biotechnology industry.

Japan Bioindustry Association

A non-profit organisation established in 1987, focused on sound development in bioscience-related industries. Members spans a wide array of corporations that use applications of biotechnology in areas ranging from pharmaceutical and medical supplies, food and cosmetics, as well as chemicals, information, machinery, construction and energy and natural resources.

Norwegian Bioindustry Association

An independent member organisation with the purpose of promoting development of Norwegian biotechnological trade and research.

Visit: Norwegian Bioindustry Association


A non-governmental, non-profit organisation that promotes and publicises the use of different varieties of modern biotechnology for Peruvians.

Visit: PeruBiotec

Spanish Bioindustry Association

Brings together companies, associations, foundations, universities, research and technology centres that carry out activities directly or indirectly related to biotechnology in Spain.

Swiss Biotech Association

A not-for profit online portal for the Swiss biotech industries.